Obama is making our kids dumber. Literally.

Say what you want, the facts don’t lie. I can’t wait to see the results of the rest of the “change” Obama promised would save the nation – and with the future of our kids on the line, we literally can’t wait. 2012 can’t come soon enough but until then, you stay classy Obama.

We’ll be taking a more detailed look at this in the future.

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Just How Crazy is the Tea Party?

To: Everyone – Subject: Is the Tea Party Crazy? – From: Mark Powers

For the first time in decades, politicians of every stripe quake with fear at a rising tide of voices they once so eagerly ignored. Americans are waking up to a corrupt system and jumping to their feat in thunderous protest. Outside the great U S of A,so widespread a movement rarely comes without violence or threats of great social upheaval, but the rise of the tea party is not founded on fear, ignorance, or deceit. Confident. Optimistic. We are a group of positive people united to make a difference, and like any movement with such momentum in its early throes, it’s understandable people hesitate to welcome us and celebrate our victories as their own.

But if not the crazy vermin as demonized by an overzealous media, just who exactly is the Tea Party?

We are Americans saying no to corruption, no matter what ideology it prescribes to. Review our history, both democrat and republican has fallen in our wake. We are the people, not a political party. We fight partisanship, not foster it. We march to be heard, not to silence or intimidate. We are the future of America no matter what moniker the media would mark us with. Awake and engaged, the citizens of the United States of America are an unstoppable force and we ask you take a moment to really study the world around you and ask if we’re moving in the direction our founders set us on, the path which made us the greatest nation in the world – and allowed you and I to be born with more freedom than any other people in history. Do you support the use of taxpayer dollars to bailout incompetent CEOs of titanic corporations? A federal banking system unaccountable to the people? A government determined to catalog and regulate your every single action? If not, we will stand with you in your pursuit of a better world. Let them mock us, let them hate us, let them spit on the path we walk and squeal with delight at the difficulties we face. Adversity has long been nourishment for the American spirit and soon our determination will rock the halls of Washington as titans tremble under crumbling institutions of greed and deception.

Yes, at our heart we are a conservative group, but not nearly the fascist, racist, crazies others would have you believe. ┬áPlease, attend a rally yourself and witness the diversity of Americans which proudly echo, “This is our America and we demand it back. No more bailouts for billionaires. No more handouts for failures or government policies intruding on our freedoms. We will hand our children a country as strong as the one we were blessed with and for that, for that, we shall not be intimidated or find any obstacle too great to overcome.” Again, like any movement of considerable size, there are certainly oddballs and extreme points of view not representative of the whole, but even then, at what point has voicing ones ideals become an endeavor of ignorance or a display of arrogant intolerance? Was it not the liberal community which spoke so eloquently on the importance of dissenting discourse during the Bush years, and now, in power as we gather to voice concern and open a dialogue, they bill us as lunatic mobs for speaking? Voting? Praying? Freedom of speech has long been the core American ideal which so brightly shines out to the world and we will neither let that flame die, nor let it’s power be diminished by the ill will of frightened onlookers.

Left-wing or right, we are all Americans deserving of having our voice heard and opinions understood. Left or right, there is room for discussion and a better understanding. If I am angry, why muzzle me when an attentive ear would serve us both? If I am wrong, why call me “fool” when “friend” would open a discussion to educate all?

We, the people of the tea party, have no leader or central figurehead barking orders or demanding pay. Unlike other organizations which claim to “represent the people”, we have no enrollment fee or documentation process you must submit to before freely voicing your opinions. At the end of the day, we are a peaceful group of active Americans seeking no more than to better our country through the democratic process and for that we are vilified as a lunatic fringe by a mainstream media owned by global corporations and billionaire interests. I can’t speak for you, but in a country where Thomas Jefferson proclaimed “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism,” it doesn’t sound to me like Tea Partiers are the crazy ones.

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